Application for exemption under Iowa Code §261B.11 (1)(k)

Postsecondary educational institutions offering programs limited to nondegree specialty career and technical training, with the exception of flight schools.  Flight schools should complete the separate application that is specifically designated for flight schools that offer programs limited to nondegree specialty career and technical training.

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Section 1

1.  Review the exemption application requirements and have all information ready to  enter into the application before you begin.  The application preparation process may require you to identify links to your website where you have posted policies required by the application questions below; or prepare text of policies and procedures that you will need to either 1) enter into textboxes associated with application questions below, or 2) submit as attachments to an email directed to appropriate Iowa College Aid staff as indicated under each question.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Pundt at or 515-725-3426.

Address of principal office as defined in Iowa Code §490.140.

3. Individual completing this application.

If no, the school must prominently state in all of its electronic, paper, or verbal promotional statements, and on its enrolment agreement with the student, that it is not accredited, that credits earned at the school may not transfer to accredited schools and may not qualify students for employment. 

If yes, provide the URL.

If no, describe how you provide these disclosures to prospective students in the text box below.

Submit via email to an electronic copy of your Catalog, brochure or other promotional material and your student enrollment agreement that provides these disclosures to prospective students.

Note: Additional questions below give you the option to submit necessary disclosures, policies, and procedures via the same email.

If yes, your school does not qualify for this exemption. You cannot complete this exemption application. Contact for assistance in determining whether your school qualifies for another exemption from registration.


Submit documentation that includes your program descriptions for prospective students via email to

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