Iowa College Decision Day

Iowa College Decision Day recognizes high school seniors for their decisions to continue their education beyond high school and helps to create a college-going culture throughout Iowa high schools. Iowa College Decision Day takes place on or around May 1 as part of Iowa College Aid's Course to College.

2017 College Decision Day Events

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Why Host College Decision Day?

To recognize all students for their postsecondary plans
To encourage and remind students it’s time to make a decision
To support the best match and fit for each student
To influence younger students as they prepare for college
To support a college-going culture and wrap up the school year with a celebration

While each school must decide for itself the benefit of hosting Decision Day and will organize an event that meets the needs of the school, at a minimum it is our goal to see host sites create an event that fulfills the following:

Recognizes ALL students for their postsecondary plans
Recognition to happen in front of the entire student body
Contact local media – encourage publicity beyond the high school building
Have fun!

2015 College Decision Day School Spotlights

Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs

Southeast Polk High School

Creating a culture promoting postsecondary education and training as the standard for all students requires a collaborative effort. This year, one such effort was in the district’s first celebration of College Awareness Week (4/27-5/1) and College Decision Day (5/1). The activities throughout the district ranged from career exploration at the elementary buildings, to visiting college campuses and career options for junior high students, to celebration of College Decision Day at the high school. The purpose of these initiatives was to recognize the postsecondary plans for students’ academic and career paths – similar to athletic signing days.

Some activities included 5th grade students writing letters to seniors congratulating them on making such an important decision about their future – these students also shared a future goal of their own as part of the elementary counseling curriculum unit on college and careers. All 8th grade students visited a college campus or career/vocational program based on the student’s area of interest from research conducted earlier in the year. Seniors visited the Guidance Office to sign the College Decision Day banner and placed a pin on a map of Iowa or the United States to provide a visual representation of where the Class of 2015 will be heading after graduation. In addition, all district staff were invited to wear their favorite college shirts/sweatshirts/gear (ideally, alumni gear) and to share with students their personal journey from high school to where they are today. This allowed students to see the multiple paths their teachers have taken to arrive at a similar career and very few have similar journeys. College Decision Day provided staff and students the opportunity to embody the district’s core values and look to the future. Younger students were able to see their positive role models make important decisions that will impact the rest of their lives, and those younger students can start preparing now -- for success in college, career, and civic life.

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