Iowa College Aid Board of Commissioners

Iowa College Aid is governed by a board of commissioners.  As specified by the Iowa statute, they are selected to represent each sector of Iowa higher education as well as lenders, postsecondary students, and the general public.

For Commissioners

Open Meetings Law - Chapter 21 (pdf)

Iowa Administrative Rules - Chapter 283

Iowa Code - Chapter 261 (pdf)

Iowa Code - Chapter 261B (pdf)

Government Ethics and Lobbying - Chapter 68B

Annual Reports

Travel Reimbursement


Iowa College Aid Board of Commissioners

Ms. Janet Adams, Chair
Represents the general public*|
Appointed 06/01/04; expires 06/30/18

Ms. Rachael Johnson
Regent, State Board of Regents
Represents State Board of Regents
Appointed 05/01/17; expires 06/30/19

Dr. Mark Putnam
President, Central College
Represents private colleges and universities*
Appointed 07/01/17; expires 06/30/19

Dr. Michael Ash
President, Southeastern Community College
Represents community colleges*
Appointed 07/01/13; expires 06/30/21 

Ms. Kassidy Krause
Represents Iowa college students*
Appointed 09/01/17; expires 06/30/18 

Ms. Mary Lynn Pudenz
Represents parents of college students*
Appointed 07/01/17; expires 06/30/18 

Mr. Manny Atwood
Guidance Counselor, Central Decatur School
Represents K-12 practitioners*
Appointed 07/01/17; expires 06/30/21

Mr. Jeremy Varner
Division Administrator, Division of Community Colleges, Iowa Department of Education
Represents Iowa Department of Education
Designee of director of Department of Education 

Mr. Doug Shull
Represents general public*
Appointed 07/01/11; expires 06/30/19

Ms. Kathleen Mulholland
Represents general public*
Appointed 07/01/17; expires 06/30/19 

Mr. Timothy Fitzgibbon
Represents general public*
Appointed 07/01/17; expires 06/30/21 

Sen. Herman Quirmbach
Represents Iowa Senate
Appointed 03/04/03; expires 01/13/19 

Sen. Jeff Edler
Represents Iowa Senate**
Appointed 03/08/17; expires 01/13/19 

Rep. Cindy Winckler
Represents Iowa House**
Appointed 08/01/07; expires 01/13/19 

Rep. Cecil Dolecheck
Represents Iowa House**
Appointed 04/07/17; expires 01/13/19

*Appointed by the Governor
**Ex officio (nonvoting)

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