Postsecondary Registration - Iowa Code Chapter 261B

Registration of Postsecondary Educational Institutions

Conditions that require registration/authorization

Chapter 261B of the Iowa Code requires a postsecondary educational institution (school) that offers degree programs to register with the Commission if:

  1. a person the school compensates conducts any portion of a course of instruction in Iowa, including through distance education or correspondence study; or
  2. the school otherwise has a presence in Iowa.

Presence means an address, location, telephone number, or internet protocol address in Iowa from which a school conducts any aspects of its operations regardless of the instructional modality or whether the school enrolls Iowans in its programs.

For a distance education provider, presence also means a location in Iowa at which a student participates in a structured field experience that is a required component of the school’s otherwise distance education program.

School activity examples that require registration/authorization, including distance education programs

View a list of school activity examples that require registration/authorization, including distance education programs.

Registration Application Process

A school that must register with the Commission must complete the application supplied by the Commission, in addition to complying with additional requirements.  Read More

Registered Schools in Iowa

The Commission provides a list of schools that have applied for registration in Iowa under Chapter 261B. This list includes the registration application submitted by each school, which discloses information about the school, its locations, officers and programs.

Registration Exemptions

Beginning May 27, 2016, all schools that claim an exemption from registration in the State of Iowa must apply for that exemption and submit consumer protection information every two years.  If you claim an exemption from registration in Iowa and are not registered (voluntarily) to offer postsecondary education programs in Iowa, or you do not have a registration application (voluntary) pending with Iowa College Aid, you must complete this exemption application.  Application for Exemption from Registration

Schools that are exempt from registering in Iowa must fall under one of two categories listed in Iowa Code Section 261B.11.  Read More

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