Iowa College Aid expands college access program

Friday, May 12, 2017

Iowa College Aid announced today that it has expanded its efforts to increase college access. The new Course to College program is a partnership with Iowa high schools to guide students toward college enrollment. The components are:

Early Awareness: Helping students understand that college is a realistic goal by explaining the benefits of a college degree and the sources of help available.

College Application Campaign: Encouraging high school seniors to apply to at least one college, often with the support of school staff during school hours.

FAFSA Completion Initiative: Emphasizing the importance of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as the gateway to most financial aid for college, and providing staff support during school hours to file the application.

College Decision Day: Holding school and community events to celebrate high school seniors who have chosen to continue their education.

Summer Transition: Ensuring that students who intend to go to college complete the necessary steps to get there, such as accepting a financial aid package, making required deposits, attending orientation, securing housing and enrolling in fall courses.

“College raises all the indicators for a happy and successful life,” said Karen Misjak, executive director of Iowa College Aid. “College graduates earn more, are more likely to be employed, are healthier, are more involved in their communities and are more likely to say they’re happy with their standard of living. Still, we know the process of getting to college can be intimidating, especially for students who might be the first in their families to attend. This partnership with Iowa schools helps students explore their options and make plans for higher education.” 

The Course to College program expands on Iowa College Aid’s former 3-Step Process, which covered the middle three steps. Participating schools receive free training, planning guides, posters and other print materials. Schools can also learn which students have filed a FAFSA. Schools can sign up for Course to College here.

Iowa College Aid also reminds prospective college students that it’s not too late to enroll for this fall. The FAFSA cycle is open through the 2017-18 academic year, and some colleges offer rolling deadlines—responding to applications as they come in. Students who are considering enrolling in college this fall can order a free student guide from Iowa College Aid, Your Course to College, either in print or via download.


Printed from the Iowa College Student Aid Commission website on May 26, 2018 at 9:01am.