ITT Technical Institute Closes

On September 14, 2016, ITT Technical Institute announced that it was permanently ceasing instruction to students enrolled in both its campus-based and online programs.

Options for Iowans Enrolled at ITT Tech When it Closed

If you are an Iowan who was in attendance in ITT Tech’s online programs or at its Clive, Iowa campus when the school closed and you were unable to complete your ITT Tech program, you have an important decision to make about which of the following courses of action to take:

  • Apply for admission into a similar program at a new school.  If you earned credits at ITT Tech, we urge you to apply to the new school for a transfer of credit evaluation.  See below for information about obtaining your ITT Tech transcript.
  • Apply for discharge (cancellation) of the federal student loans you obtained for attendance at ITT Tech.  The US Department of Education maintains a process for discharge (cancellation) of federal student loans when a school closes.  For more information about qualifying for a closed school discharge of your federal student loans, please see the US Department of Education’s website at

You should know that transferring any of your ITT Tech credits to another school – or enrolling in a comparable program at another school regardless of whether the new school accepts any of your ITT Tech credits -- may disqualify you for discharge of the federal student loans you obtained for attendance at ITT Tech.  If you have questions about closed school federal student loan discharge, contact your federal student loan servicer ( If you do not know the identity of your federal student loan servicer, call 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) for help.

Obtaining ITT Tech Transcripts

ITT Tech contracted with an academic record repository, Parchment, to maintain electronic transcript and diploma records for all ITT Tech students who attended the school since 2001.  As of September 20, 2016, Parchment is taking advance orders from ITT Tech students for transcripts and diplomas.  A student may request that a transcript be sent directly to a college or university that accepts electronic transcripts.  At this time, students should expect delays in the receipt of their orders due to the fact that Parchment is still transferring ITT Tech academic records and because of an initial, large backlog of transcript orders Parchment has received. 

Parchment charges a fee for each student’s request for a transcript or diploma: For the remainder of 2016, Parchment charges $10 to electronically deliver a transcript.  If a student requests a printed transcript delivered by mail, there is an additional $2.50 handling fee.  Additional charges apply to requests for overnight delivery. 

ITT Tech students can obtain more information about Parchment’s progress in addressing their academic records needs on the ITT Tech Parchment Blog

Funding and Other Resources to Continue Your Education

Iowa public colleges and universities offer programs at lower, in-state tuition for Iowa residents.  The State of Iowa offers scholarships and grants for eligible Iowa students enrolled at Iowa colleges or universities. For example, students with financial need who attend eligible Iowa private colleges and universities may qualify for up to $6,000 per year for up to four years of undergraduate study through the Iowa Tuition Grant Program. At Iowa community colleges, certain programs that are similar to associate degree programs offered by ITT Tech are eligible for the Iowa Skilled Workforce Shortage Grant (Kibbie Grant) and Iowa Vocational Technical Tuition Grant. These programs provide grants to Iowa residents with financial need who are enrolled in specific Iowa community college programs that prepare students for careers in high-need fields. The maximum Kibbie Grant award is one-half of the average Iowa community college tuition and mandatory fees per year for up to two years of education, the maximum Iowa Vocational Technical Tuition Grant is $1,200 per year up for up to two years of education for those who qualify.

Visit your local IowaWORKS office to learn more about all of the opportunities and resources available to help you reach your career goals, no matter where you are in the process. Staff can assist you with finding the education and training best suited for your desired career area, getting a job with what you have already learned, or find opportunities that allow you to work and learn at the same time. You may even qualify for funding to assist you with expenses associated with your education, such as tuition, fees, transportation and dependent care.

If you need assistance locating your nearest office, please visit or call 800.562.4692.

Transferring Credits to a New School

Every college has the right to establish its own admission and transfer of credit policies.  There is no guarantee that you will meet a new college’s admissions requirements, or that a new college will accept the credits earned at ITT Tech or any other college you previously attended.  If you are considering a transfer to a new school, we suggest that you follow these steps:

  1. Request and verify that your official transcript from ITT Tech (and any other college you previously attended) has been sent to the new college(s).
  2. Apply for admission and receive official acceptance at the new college(s) in which you are interested.
  3. Receive an official transcript evaluation from the registrar at your new college(s). Do not rely on unofficial transcript evaluations that some colleges offer while they are recruiting you.
  4. Receive and evaluate the financial aid award package from the new college(s).

Learn more about best practices for transfer students.

Impact of Transferring to a New School on Federal Student Aid

The U.S. Department of Education places a yearly limit on the amount of Federal Stafford Loan and Federal Pell Grant funds that are available to a student. If you transfer within a school year, the amount of federal student aid available to you at your new school will be reduced by the amount you have already received at your prior school. If you received the maximum federal student aid amount for the year at your prior school, it may be to your advantage to postpone enrolling at the new college until you gain eligibility for a new maximum annual Federal Pell Grant and/or Stafford Loan award.

Talk to the financial aid professionals at your new school to determine how your transfer will affect your federal student aid eligibility.

Selecting a New School

Iowa College Aid has prepared a list of colleges and universities that offer face-to-face and online programs that are similar to those offered by ITT Tech. This list will not include all schools and programs that may be available, but it will be a useful starting point for you as you explore options to continue your education among Iowa-based schools, and out-of-state schools that are authorized to offer programs to Iowans.

Regarding any new school you may consider, please keep in mind the following:

  • Programs offered by other schools may have some similarities to ITT Tech’s program curriculum but may not be the same;
  • It may be necessary to repeat coursework at a new school that is the same or similar to coursework you completed at ITT Tech, or you may be required to take additional coursework to complete a new school’s degree requirements;
  • It is possible that you may not be able to finish a new school’s program within the same timeframe in which you were scheduled to complete your ITT Tech program; and
  • Every school has the authority to determine, according to its distinct transfer of credit policies, what ITT credits will transfer, if any.

If you are conducting national research to determine what schools may offer an online program that is similar to the program in which you were enrolled at ITT Tech, you should know that some out-of-state schools are not authorized to offer programs to Iowa residents and some out-of-state schools do not have financial protections required by Iowa law for Iowa resident students.  Out-of-state colleges and universities that are specifically authorized to offer distance education programs to Iowa residents are listed on Iowa College Aid’s website.  The State of Iowa participates in an interstate distance education reciprocity agreement that permits a significant number of other out-of-state colleges and universities to offer programs to Iowans.  These schools are listed on the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) website

If you have questions about whether an out-of-state school is authorized to offer programs to Iowa residents, contact Iowa College Aid.  See below for Iowa College Aid Contact Information.

Additional Resources

Iowa College Aid Contact Information

Iowans who were in attendance at ITT Tech when it closed may direct questions to Iowa College Aid online or by phone at 877-272-4456.  An ITT Tech student may file a complaint about the school using Iowa College Aid’s web-based student complaint process.

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