Spring is Internship Season

You may view the start of spring semester as the beginning of the end of the academic year. But the reality for you, and many students, is that the spring semester should be the beginning of your quest for the perfect internship.

Pros in Your Corner

Your internship search may take many turns along the way. However, by planning ahead you can easily navigate the search process. Most colleges and universities have career placement offices staffed with skilled professionals who can assist you in identifying potential internship opportunities. Career placement offices not only provide listings of potential opportunities, but also can help you with resume and cover letter development, conduct mock interviews, and provide guidance on how to address challenges in the search process. For these professionals, the biggest challenge is helping YOU realize the vast number of internship opportunities available and the importance of having an internship experience during college.   “One of the biggest challenges I see associated with internships is making students aware of the extremely important role these play in their college career as well as positioning them for success after college.” says Mike Gaul, Director of Career Services with Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture.

Let’s Go to the Fair!

In addition to working with students one-on-one during the internship search, many college career services staff coordinate on-campus fairs which can be catered to students looking for full-time work after graduation, summer jobs or internship and cooperative education opportunities. At an internship fair, various employers come to campus to talk with students about their companies and search for students seeking internships. These fairs provide students with opportunities for employment which they might not otherwise have considered. In Gaul’s opinion, on-campus fairs are a no-brainer, “Recruiters are at these events for a reason, so by not attending, students miss out on an excellent opportunity to interact and network with industry leaders as well as garner on-campus interviews associated with the event. Besides, when in your life will you have 100+ companies and organizations in your backyard looking to hire you?”  That said, make sure you have a few copies of your resume in-hand  so you can put a professional foot forward with potential employers and maybe even secure an interview for the perfect internship.

Printed from the Iowa College Student Aid Commission website on May 21, 2018 at 9:43am.