Condition of Higher Education in Iowa 2016 Report

The Iowa College Student Aid Commission has a long-standing commitment to helping Iowans achieve education beyond high school. There are many initiatives underway to help Iowans achieve their goals, but more needs to be done. This report demonstrates that it will take additional programming and education to better improve college preparedness and access and increase funding to make higher education affordable for Iowa families.

Download the full 2016 report (PDF) here or review selected sections below.

Iowa's Future Workforce Demands   Population Trends and Projections

2025 Educational Attainment Goal

Education Levels in Iowa

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State of Iowa Overview

Poverty Impact and Indicators

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Education and Preparation for College   Financial Preparation for College

College Readiness

STEM Readiness

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Affordability of College

State-Administered Financial Aid

Profile of Iowa FAFSA Filers

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Iowa's Colleges   Entering the Workforce

Enrollment at Iowa Colleges and Universities

College Participation of Low-Income Students

Remediation, Persistence and Retention

Graduation From Iowa Colleges and Universities

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Career Readiness

Income Inequality

Student Debt Impact and Implications

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Meeting Future Workforce Needs  

Meeting Iowa's Goal 2025 for Degree Attainment

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Previous Condition of Higher Education in Iowa Reports

2014 Report (PDF)

2012 Report (PDF)

2010 Report (PDF)

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