Graduation from Iowa Colleges and Universities

Graduation rates in Iowa vary depending on the type of school a student attends as well as the student’s race or ethnicity. Iowa’s Regent Universities have the highest graduation rates (69 percent), while community colleges have the lowest graduation rates (26 percent), comparing all students who graduate within eight years for a four-year degree and four years for a two-year degree. Black and Hispanic students have lower graduation rates than white students at all types of institutions. Asian students perform comparably to white students at Regent Universities and private, not-for-profit colleges and universities, but fall behind white students in private, for-profit institutions and community colleges.4,6

Degree Completion Times

Considering only those students who complete college and earn a degree in Iowa, many take longer than the expected two or four years that is considered “on time” graduation. Many students (81 percent) graduating from private, not-for-profit colleges complete their degrees in four years, and 99 percent finish their bachelor’s degrees in six years. Approximately 60 percent of students at Regent Universities and Iowa’s private, for-profit institutions finish their degrees on time, with nearly all completing four-year degrees in six years. Less than half of community college students who earn degrees do so in two years. One-fourth of students take twice as long (four years) to finish an associate degree.4,6

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