Social Media and the Job Hunt

With social networking becoming more engrained within our society, it is no wonder that it's now a crucial component of today's job and internship search. Don't be intimidated by the various social media outlets available. When used correctly, social media can be your greatest networking tool and can improve your chances of landing that job or internship of your dreams. 
Here are ten tips to help you utilize social media to boost your visibility while also getting up to date information on jobs and internships that interest you most! 

Set up multiple accounts.

Separate your business and personal life by creating multiple social networking accounts. Host a public account to connect with potential employers, and keep your personal accounts private.

Let friends and followers know you are job searching.

Let friends and followers know you are looking for work through status updates on Facebook and Twitter tweets. Spread the word to increase your chances of getting the inside scoop on a new job opportunity.

Create a LinkedIn profile.

Create a profile on LinkedIn if you haven't already. Not only can you use LinkedIn to post a resume and work examples, your LinkedIn page will be the first thing to appear when potential employers use a search engine to search your name.

Seek job-search advice.

Follow career experts on Twitter and 'like' their pages on Facebook to receive the most up-to-date job search tips. Additionally, you can join LinkedIn groups that focus on jobs in your career field.

Hyperlink your resume.

Add the URL for your twitter handle and LinkedIn profile to the contact information section on your resume. This will give potential employers another way to interact with you, and also show that you are savvy when it comes to social media. In addition, services such as the "My Link" feature on allow you to hand-pick your most flattering links, profiles, bios and blogs.

Make sure your Facebook profile is private and appropriate.

Be sure your profile is set to private. Use the lists feature to customize your privacy settings (found under the Account tab, Friends and Create New List.) You can set up a list of professional friends and restrict their access to view only what you want them to, while allowing close friends to access your photos and status updates.

Look up information on hiring managers.

Utilize LinkedIn and Twitter prior to submitting your resume to find more information on the individuals who will be hiring for certain positions that interest you. Knowing more about these individual can help you modify your cover letter to address their desires and needs.

Use social media job search tools.

Use services such as TweetMyJobs to enter your job preferences and receive regular job alerts via email, phone or tweet. You can also use LinkedIn’s Job Change Notifier to receive updates when your connections change jobs.

Join specialized groups.

Don’t just rely on your current friends for job and internship connections, join specialist groups and communities through social media that will help you promote your expertise and build connections in your field. You can follow companies on Twitter that you are interested in working for in addition to ‘liking’ their pages on Facebook.

Download free job search apps.

Use your mobile device to assist you by downloading free job search apps like CareerBliss, which provide company reviews and job listings. Other apps like BusyBee, allow to you find freelancers to locate a variety of opportunities.

These are only a few ways to increase your social media presence that can help enhance your job search. Following these tips and taking advantage of new networking features can work in your favor and help you land that dream job.

Printed from the Iowa College Student Aid Commission website on May 25, 2018 at 10:55pm.