Postsecondary Registration - Iowa Code Chapter 261B

Examples of School Activities that Require Registration/Authorization, including Distance Education Programs

Below you will find examples of programmatic and operational activities relating to both residential and distance education programs that require a school to register with the Iowa College Student Aid Commission. This is not an all-inclusive list of school activities that necessitate registration in Iowa.

  • A foreign school (i.e., a school whose main campus or administrative offices are located in a state other than Iowa, or in a foreign country) seeks to establish a branch campus or other site from which it will conduct in-person instruction at a location in Iowa.
  • A foreign school wishes to begin offering any portion of a residential program at a location in Iowa via direct instruction or supervision by a person(s) the school compensates, regardless of whether the instructor/supervisor is an Iowa resident.

    Example: A school whose campus is located in a state that borders Iowa enrolls Iowa residents in its residential baccalaureate nursing degree program. Iowa residents attend classes at the school's physical campus located in the border state. The school requires a student to participate in a hands-on clinical experience in order to successfully complete the baccalaureate nursing degree program. The school permits an Iowa resident to participate in the clinical experience at a health care facility located in Iowa. The school compensates regular or adjunct faculty to provide instruction or supervision at the Iowa location during the clinical experience.

  • An Iowa-based school experiences a change in ownership due to purchase by a foreign corporation or other foreign entity.
  • A school wishes to establish administrative offices at a site in Iowa, regardless of whether it offers Iowans postsecondary educational courses or programs via classroom instruction or distance education.
  • A school compensates an Iowa resident or other entity located in Iowa specifically for the purpose of recruiting Iowans to attend the school's residential programs that are offered on a campus that is located outside the state of Iowa.

    Note: This does not include an out-of-state school that sends a representative who is not based in Iowa to the State on an occasional, short-term basis to recruit students for residential programs that the school offers at a campus that is not located in Iowa. Other requirements may apply to athlete agents (see the Iowa Secretary of State's website).

  • A school maintains a postal address or telephone/fax area code that originates in Iowa.
  • Any of a school's distance education programs include a component, which is required for program completion, that the school permits an Iowa to complete at a location in Iowa; for example, a clinical, practicum, internship, externship or lab.
  • A school compensates any individual or entity to educate Iowans about its distance education programs or recruit students for these programs at a location in Iowa, regardless of whether the individual or entity is based in Iowa.
  • A school houses the technological equipment (e.g., servers) the school uses to facilitate delivery of its distance education programs at a location in Iowa.
  • An entity located in Iowa, and that is owned by the same parent company as the school, promotes the school's distance education programs by providing information to others about the school and its programs.
  • A school compensates an Iowa resident to provide remote instruction in the school's distance education courses remotely from the instructor's Iowa home or other Iowa location, regardless of whether Iowa residents are enrolled in the instructor's course(s).
  • A school compensates an Iowa resident to remotely conduct administrative activities in support of its distance education programs from the Iowa resident's home or other Iowa location, (e.g., compensating an Iowa resident to work remotely as a call-taker, enrollment or financial aid advisor, or scheduler).

Postsecondary Registration Application Process

Complete the application and find additional requirements.

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