Post-Graduation Job Search Resources at Your Fingertips

Finding your first ‘real job’ after graduation is not always easy, especially when you’re competing against many of your graduating classmates.  However, the job hunt doesn’t have to be stressful.  Armed with a computer and perfected resume, there are many resources literally at your fingertips.

Online job search sites are becoming more widely utilized, many of which are specifically targeted toward recent graduates.  A few examples are:

These job search sites allow you to not only focus your search on a specific profession or career field, but also on your preferred geographic location.  As a recent graduate entering the workforce, they allow you to look for entry level jobs available in your field, all across the nation without leaving your home!

When using these sites, it is important to focus on the job opportunities that match your experience and skills.  In the current job market, it is unlikely that employers will contact prospective employees who do not possess the required number of years’ experience or specific skill set requested in the job description.  On the flip side, if the job opportunity’s skills requested match your experience, use key words from the job description to tailor your resume specifically to the position you are applying.

If you are not finding the jobs you want, where you want them; consider broadening your search, be it by choosing a different location or by considering a job that isn’t in your preferred career field.  Those searches may yield the best results and reveal the perfect job for you!

The next step to landing that first ‘real job’ is to hone your interview skills.  It is best to begin by learning more about potential employers.  Research them online to find out what they do and what is important to them as a company.  Most likely, there will be an interview question pertaining to what you already know about them, and the more you know, the more interested you will appear to be.  Then go on to practice other interview questions that may be asked, and record yourself answering them!  You can then replay your answers to find areas you may need to improve upon before the real deal.  Utilize the online tools listed above for insight into how you can improve your resume and interview skills so that you are able to land that job once you’ve found it!

Printed from the Iowa College Student Aid Commission website on May 25, 2018 at 12:00am.