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Established in 1963 by the Iowa General Assembly, the Iowa College Student Aid Commission serves as Iowa's higher education student financial aid agency, assisting Iowa students and families as they plan, prepare and pay for education.  Through its efforts, the Commission seeks to realize its vision that all Iowans can achieve education beyond high school.

The Higher Education Data Center provides further details concerning the work of the Commission, key aspects of higher education in Iowa, and indicators of the need for continued commitment to the future of higher education in our state.  Additionally, each year the Iowa College Student Aid Commission prepares an Annual Report for the Iowa General Assembly, and provides agency performance, strategy and goal information to the public through Results Iowa.

Strategic Initiatives

Iowa College Aid's focus is to put students first. This reflects our long-standing commitment to helping all Iowans achieve an education beyond high school. "Putting Students First" is the agency's primary guiding principle. Read More

Higher Education in Iowa

Condition of Higher Education in Iowa

The Iowa College Student Aid Commission has a long-standing commitment to helping Iowans achieve education beyond high school. There are many initiatives underway to help Iowans achieve their goals, but more needs to be done. This report demonstrates that it will take additional programming and education to better improve college preparedness and access and increase funding to make higher education affordable for Iowa families.

2016 Report | 2014 Report | 2012 Report | 2012 Report (printable version) | 2010 Report

Income and Expected Family Contribution - How Do They Relate?

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a measure of one's ability to pay for college. Based on the FAFSA calculation, the higher a student's EFC, the more the student or student's family is expected to contribute to college costs. Whilte the EFC takes into consideration numerous factors in addition to income, this report provides background on the relationship between income and EFC.

2014 Report | 2013 Report

Annual Ethnic Diversity Report

The Iowa College Student Aid Commission annual Student and Faculty Ethnic Diversity Report summarizes trends in representation by minority students and faculty at Iowa colleges and universities. The report is based on an annual survey of Iowa college and university officials conducted in the fall.

2016 Report | 2015 Report | 2014 Report | 2013 Report | 2012 Report | 2011 Report2010 Report | 2009 Report    

Iowa College and University Graduation/Completion Rates

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