Four Ways to Avoid College Application Fees

College application season is upon us! With rising college costs, applications fees can feel like another burden to pursuing postsecondary education. However, there are ways to avoid paying those fees when applying to Iowa colleges and universities!

  1. Apply online and by the deadline. Most of Iowa’s private institutions do not charge an application fee as long as you apply online and by the deadline.
  2. Apply to schools with no application fee. All of Iowa’s community colleges are free to apply to! Search for other schools that don’t charge application fees.
  3. Submit a fee waiver. You can request your school counselor send this form on your behalf from the National Association for College Admission Counseling if you have a financial hardship.  One way to qualify for financial hardship is if you are on free or reduced lunch. If you qualified for a SAT fee waiver you will receive four college application fee waivers as well.
  4. Request a fee deferment. Due to Iowa Code, the Iowa Regent Universities can’t offer fee waivers. However, they can offer a fee deferment when the application fees present a financial hardship for the student/family. This means the student pays nothing at the time of application, but if they choose to attend that school the $40 application fee will be added to his or her university bill. This allows students to use financial aid to pay the fee. Each of the universities has their own fee deferment process. The main point of contact for fee waivers at each university is listed below:

    Iowa State University
    Jennifer Johnson

    University of Iowa
    Ann Kunkel

    University of Northern Iowa
    Thomas Reburn
    Office of Admission
    002 Gilchrist Hall
    Cedar Falls, IA 50614


For more information on colleges and universities in Iowa check out the college profiles in our Higher Education Data Center.     

Printed from the Iowa College Student Aid Commission website on February 24, 2018 at 7:58am.