Iowa College Aid 2019 Conference

College Readiness, Access & Affordability in Iowa

November 20, 2019
Presented by Iowa College Aid in partnership with the Iowa Educational Research and Evaluation Association

Affordability in Iowa—Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Brian T. Prescott, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
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Trends in College Going and Pricing in Iowa

Dr. Jeffrey Bullock, University of Dubuque
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Dr. Jason Pontius, Iowa Board of Regents
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Dr. Laurie Wolf, Iowa Association of Community College Trustees
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The Current State of College & Career Readiness in Iowa

Mary LeFebvre and Johanna Tholen, ACT
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Equity and Affordability: Measuring, Assessing, and Improving Affordability for all Students

Dr. David Tandberg, State Higher Education Executive Officers Association
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