Iowa College Aid Board of Commissioners

Iowa College Aid is governed by a board of commissioners.  They are selected to represent each sector of Iowa higher education as well as education professionals, students, families, lawmakers and the general public:

Michael AshDr. Michael Ash
President, Southeastern Community College
Represents community colleges*
Ms. Sherry Bates
Regent, State Board of Regents
Represents State Board of Regents
Doug ShullMr. Doug Shull, Vice Chair
Represents general public*
Manny AtwoodMr. Manny Atwood
Guidance Counselor, Central Decatur School
Represents K-12 practitioners*
Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink
Represents Iowa Senate**
Barbara SlonikerMs. Barbara Sloniker
Represents parents of Iowa students*
Ms. Melissa Hidalgo
Represents Iowa college students*
Kathleen MulhollandDr. Kathleen Mulholland, Chair 
Represents general public*
Emily StorkMs. Emily Stork
Represents general public*
Cecil DolechekRep. Cecil Dolecheck
Represents Iowa House**
Mark PutnamDr. Mark Putnam
President, Central College
Represents private colleges and universities*
Jeremy VarnerMr. Jeremy Varner
Division Administrator, Division of Community Colleges, Iowa Department of Education
Represents Iowa Department of Education
Tim FitzgibbonMr. Timothy Fitzgibbon
Represents general public*
Herman QuirmbachSen. Herman Quirmbach
Represents Iowa Senate**
Cindy WincklerRep. Cindy Winckler
Represents Iowa House**
*Appointed by the Governor **Ex officio (nonvoting)  

Mark Wiederspan
Executive Director, Iowa College Aid                         



Board Meetings and Minutes Open Meetings Law - Chapter 21 

Iowa Administrative Rules - Chapter 283 Iowa Code - Chapter 261 

Iowa Code - Chapter 261B  Government Ethics and Lobbying - Chapter 68B

Annual Reports